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Payment Options and Conditions

III. Payment Terms

3.1. In advance payment: Your order should be paid before its delivery. The order will not be delivered, before its payment is received.

3.2. Payment methods:

  3.2.1. Credit / debit card: You can checkout using your Visa or Maestro / Mastercard credit or debit card. The payment is being processed immediately and we can deliver your order right away. Your payment data is being processed by our partnering bank and is not being saved on or processed by our server.

  3.2.2. PayPal: You can quickly checkout with PayPal, if you have an account with them. The payment is processed immediately and we can deliver your order right away. Note, that we do not accept e-check payments through PayPal. Should you decide to pay with an e-check, you will be redirected to our website to choose an alternative payment method.

  3.2.3. Bank Transfer: You can pay your order with a bank transfer. You will see our bank account details and further instructions about the payment on the order confirmation page. The same information will be sent to your e-mail address. Same-day Deliveries: you need to send us a copy of the money order document or a screenshot of e-banking operation, in case your order should be delivered the same day. Thus, we can start preparing your order, before we have actually received the funds for it. International Transfers: You are expected to cover your expenses for the transfer.


3.3. Payment Dispute: Payment disputes are not tolerated by the Terms of use of this website. In case you are not satisfied of the products delivered, we encourage you to contact us, so that we can try to resolve the problem. If, however, a dispute has been opened on your part, you might be charged the following fees, depending on the payment method you have used:
  3.3.1. PayPal Dispute: Upon opening a PayPal dispute, your order and its payment are considered invalid. If your order has been already delivered, E-cvetia might send a courier to collect the payment from its recipient. If your order has not yet been delivered, E-cvetia will cancel it.
  3.3.2. Credit / debit Card Chargeback: In case of a chargeback of payment for an order, regardless of whether it is delivered or not, you are due to pay a fee of 48.90BGN to the organization managing your credit card, an administrative fee of 20.00BGN to E-cvetia and a legal interest for the period from initiating the chargeback to when you reimburse all fees due. Should your is already delivered, by the time the chargeback is received, you are also due the full amount of your order. 
E-cvetia might transfer your debt to third parties, including legal entities and firms, specializing in collecting late payments, and undertake any actions according to the actual Bulgarian legislation in order to receive the payments you are due.