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Bouquets of lilies Send bouquets of lilies and greenery.

When you choose a gift, you always have to comply with the recipient and the occasion. Tenderness and beauty are always appreciated when we choose a bouquet or a gift for a woman.

We offer classic and unique bouquets of aromatic lilies in pink or white hues, round or elongated in shape, small or enourmous, accented with fresh greenery and ornamental elements.

32.61$ 66.05$

Cynthia - bouquet of roses and lilies



Send bouquet of roses and lilies - Fiona



Flower delivery - flower bouquets for people in love.

In love


Send a bouquet of pink flowers by courier
Save 1.67$


39.02$ 40.69$

Original flower delivery by courier
Save 2.79$

Good impression

54.34$ 57.13$

Send to Bulgaria a bouquet of white lilies
Save 4.46$

White bird in the night

56.85$ 61.31$

Luxuriant bouquet of pink lilies and white roses.
Save 1.67$


66.05$ 67.72$

Sena a bouquet of white lilies for the Christmas
Save 3.34$

Snow Christmas

32.61$ 35.95$

A charming bouquet of fresh flower
Save 1.11$


48.49$ 49.61$