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Privacy Policy

IV. Privacy Policy

4.1. Personal Data: The data you enter in the checkout process are used solely to deliver timely your order and are not being shared with third party entities, except in the cases described articles 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 in the present Terms.

4.2. Correspondence: E-cvetia can keep any correspondence with you for an unlimited time and use it as they see fit in order to protect their interests.

4.3. Payment Data: You payment data is not processed by, nor saved on our server. Its security is guaranteed by our partnering bank and is complying the present PCI standards.

4.4. Cookies: This website uses cookies to save your preferences for language, currency, the contents of your shopping cart, to log you into your profile etc.

4.5. Security: Your connection to E-cvetia is encrypted. The address of the website is validated via SSL certificate. The data you enter on our website is being encrypted before reaching our server.