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Return Policy

V. Return Policy

5.1. Claims: In case you are not satisfied with the delivered product, you can claim partial or full refund of its payment up to 24 hours after its delivery. Your claim should be received as an e-mail, with clearly expressed desire to be compensated and at least one photo of the delivered product.

5.2. Partial Refunds: After we receive a picture of the delivered product, we will estimate the amount of the refund and will contact you back. The refund will be made in 24 hours upon reaching an agreement.

5.3. Full Refunds: You can claim the full amount of the payment on your order. In this case, our courier will visit the recipient to get the delivered products back. The refund will be made in 24 hours upon returning the product.

5.4. Right of Claim: Only the payer of the order has a right to claim refund. The payment amount is eventually refunded according the payment method. If for example your order is paid with a credit card, the amount of the payment can only be refunded to the same card.