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Pot plants Online order and flower delivery - pot plants by courier to Bulgaria.

Online order and flower delivery - pot plants - a variety of blooming plants, leaf-ornamental plants, palms and many others, suitable for any home or office.

16.52$ 51.22$

Send pink orchid by courier



Send white Phalaenopsis orchid plant

White orchid


Delivery of Phalaenopsis Orchid with decoration

Phalaenopsis Orchid with decoration


Send Phalaenopsis orchid by courier.

Little beauty


An order and a delivery of orchid in a pot.

Pink orchid


Send a double stemmed white Phalaenopsis orchid

Double stemmed white Phalaenopsis orchid


Send a pot plant -  pink Azalea



Send Kalanchoe plant by courier.

Pink Kalanchoe


A beautiful kalanchoe in a beautiful bright orange colour

Orange kalanchoe


Send red kalanchoe plant.

Red Kalanchoe


Send white kalanchoe plant.

White kalanchoe


Send an Anthurium plant  to Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas.

Anthurium plant


Send vriesea plant to Sofia



Send saintpaulia in ceramic pot.



Beautiful Saintpaulia in a gentle pink colour

Rosy violet


Send a basket with fruits and kalanchoe in a pot
Save 1.10$


$50.12 $51.22

Saintpaulias and additional decoration in basket
Save 2.20$

Garden of Eden

$47.92 $50.12

Guzmania pot plant



Send a plant - Dieffenbachia.



Send a basket with colourful kalanchoes
Save 4.41$

Colourful kalanchoe

$44.06 $48.47