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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

I. General Terms

1.1. Authorship: Internet shop and all text and photo materials found on its page are property of NetPartners LTD, a company established in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria. The copy and distribution of all materials without the explicit permission of NetPartners is allowed only for non-profit individuals and organisation.

1.2. Terms: NetPartners has the right to alter the present Term at their convenience in order to protects its and its customrs interests.

1.3. Products: All products found in our online catalog can be added to your shopping cart and ordered, excluding some seasonal products. Information, that these products are temporarily unavailable is present on their pages. A detailed description of each product can be found on its page. E-cvetia guarantees flawless appearance and quality of all products offered.

1.4. Additional Products: A part of the products in our catalog are considered to be additional. Those products can not be ordered separately, but only in addition to another product. This information is present in the description of each of those products. Additional products are all wines, spirits, chocolates, balloons, teddy bears, vases etc.

1.5. Wines and Spirits: Upon placing an order containing wines or spirits, you declare that the recipient is not an underaged person. In this regards, our couriers might not deliver such a product if they in any way doubt the age of the recipient.

1.6. Order: All orders are to be placed online. One is first expected to add a product to their shopping cart and then follow the further steps to finalize the order. Upon placing an order, you will see a confirmation page with its reference number. Same information will be also send to your e-mail address. In rare cases we can also accept orders on our e-mail address or on the phone.

1.7. Order Cancellation:
1.7.1. By the Customer: You can cancel your order without any specific reason not later than 24 hours before its delivery in case it does not include an additional product. The order could be cancelled not later than 48 hours in advance otherwise.
1.7.2. By the Merchant: E-cvetia can cancel your order in case they lack a specific product or the delivery is not possible for any other reason. In such case you will be timely informed about the cancellation and the amount paid for your order will be immediately refunded.

1.8. Registration: The registration of a customer account in E-cvetia is not mandatory for placing and order, but it ensures a quicker order process and taking part in our Loyal Customers Program, giving you opportunity to get up to 10% discount on the contents of your shopping cart.

1.9. Security: Your connection with E-cvetia is encrypted to protect your personal data and the data you enter upon placing an order. Your payment data is being processed and/or saved by our partnering bank without touching our server.

1.10. Awareness: An informative email with information about the status of your order will be send on each status change. The status of your order could also be tracked from your profile's dashboard (for registered customers) or the dedicated order tracking page (in case you do not have a customer profile). You can also receive information about your orders from our customer support.

II. Delivery Terms

2.1. Work Time: All deliveries are being performed between 9 am and 8 pm EET. Earlier or later deliveries are sometimes possible, but only after confirmation by our customer support.

2.2. Delivery Date: You can choose a delivery date in the ordering process. Same day deliveries are being cut off at 5 pm EET.

2.3. Delivery Hour: You can choose a specific time frame, in which you prefer your order to be delivered - between 9 am - 1 pm; 1 pm - 5 pm or 5 pm - 8 pm. We well do everything we can to ensure we deliver your order in a specific time, in case needed. However, deliveries in a specific time can not be guaranteed.

2.4. Delivery Fee: The delivery fee is automatically calculated and added to your cart's total, depending on the delivery address. Free standard delivery is provided in over 40 localities across Bulgaria. Selecting the correct locality is mandatory therefore. Customers that have selected different locality and have specified the actual one elsewhere, in order to avoid paying delivery fee, will have their orders cancelled, unless the correct fee is paid.

2.5. Delivery Data: The timely receipt of your order depends entirely of the data you enter during checkout. We therefore advise to check that data once again after you have placed an order - either on the order confirmation page, or in the confirmation e-mail and contact us immediately in case you find an error.

2.6. Recipient not on the address: In case the recipient is not on the address at the time of delivery, we will use the phone number you have entered upon placing the order, to contact them and arrange a suitable for them time for delivery. If we are not able to contact them, we will deliver your order to relatives or neighbors of the recipient. Else, we will return the order to our local store and will attempt another delivery, after we have contacted the recipient. Note, that once the order has been returned to our store, you will need to pay 5 BGN for every further attempt to deliver your order.

2.7. Lack of Products: Depending on the locality and the season, it is possible that our local store lacks some products, needed to prepare your order. In that case we will contact you and offer you an eventual substitution of the missing flowers. Your order will not be delivered until we receive your confirmation or refusal regarding the substitution.

2.8. Anonymity of Delivery: Our couriers do not have access to your data. In this sense, the delivery is anonymous by default. If you with the recipient to be notified who sends the order, write your name in the greeting card field. We will inform the recipient about you name however, if they contact us requesting that information.

III. Payment Terms

3.1. In advance payment: Your order should be paid before its delivery. The order will not be delivered, before its payment is received.
Поръчката Ви трябва да бъде заплатена преди нейната доставка. Поръчката Ви няма да бъде доставена, докато плащането по нея не е получено.

3.2. Payment methods:

  3.2.1. Credit / debit card: You can checkout using your Visa or Maestro / Mastercard credit or debit card. The payment is being processed immediately and we can deliver your order right away. Your payment data is being processed by our partnering bank and is not being saved on or processed by our server.

  3.2.2. PayPal: You can quickly checkout with PayPal, if you have an account with them. The payment is processed immediately and we can deliver your order right away. Note, that we do not accept e-check payments through PayPal. Should you decide to pay with an e-check, you will be redirected to our website to choose an alternative payment method.

3.3. Payment Dispute: Payment disputes are not tolerated by the Terms of use of this website. In case you are not satisfied of the products delivered, we encourage you to contact us, so that we can try to resolve the problem. If, however, a dispute has been opened on your part, you might be charged the following fees, depending on the payment method you have used:
  3.3.1. PayPal Dispute: Upon opening a PayPal dispute, your order and its payment are considered invalid. If your order has been already delivered, E-cvetia might send a courier to collect the payment from its recipient. If your order has not yet been delivered, E-cvetia will cancel it.
  3.3.2. Credit / debit Card Chargeback: In case of a chargeback of payment for an order, regardless of whether it is delivered or not, you are due to pay a fee of 48.90BGN to the organization managing your credit card, an administrative fee of 20.00BGN to E-cvetia and a legal interest for the period from initiating the chargeback to when you reimburse all fees due. Should your is already delivered, by the time the chargeback is received, you are also due the full amount of your order. 
E-cvetia might transfer your debt to third parties, including legal entities and firms, specializing in collecting late payments, and undertake any actions according to the actual Bulgarian legislation in order to receive the payments you are due. 

IV. Privacy Policy

4.1. Personal Data: The data you enter in the checkout process are used solely to deliver timely your order and are not being shared with third party entities, except in the cases described articles 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 in the present Terms.

4.2. Correspondence: E-cvetia can keep any correspondence with you for an unlimited time and use it as they see fit in order to protect their interests.

4.3. Payment Data: You payment data is not processed by, nor saved on our server. Its security is guaranteed by our partnering bank and is complying the present PCI standards.

4.4. Cookies: This website uses cookies to save your preferences for language, currency, the contents of your shopping cart, to log you into your profile etc.

4.5. Security: Your connection to E-cvetia is encrypted. The address of the website is validated via SSL certificate. The data you enter on our website is being encrypted before reaching our server.

V. Return Policy

5.1. Claims: In case you are not satisfied with the delivered product, you can claim partial or full refund of its payment up to 24 hours after its delivery. Your claim should be received as an e-mail, with clearly expressed desire to be compensated and at least one photo of the delivered product.

5.2. Partial Refunds: After we receive a picture of the delivered product, we will estimate the amount of the refund and will contact you back. The refund will be made in 24 hours upon reaching an agreement.

5.3. Full Refunds: You can claim the full amount of the payment on your order. In this case, our courier will visit the recipient to get the delivered products back. The refund will be made in 24 hours upon returning the product.

5.4. Right of Claim: Only the payer of the order has a right to claim refund. The payment amount is eventually refunded according the payment method. If for example your order is paid with a credit card, the amount of the payment can only be refunded to the same card.