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Bouquets for the wife Send flowers and bouquets to the wife

Surprise the Lady of your heart for any occasion or an anniversary of the First date, the First kiss, the Wedding. There so many occasions to delight the beloved one!

25.00лв. 145.00лв.

Send a bouquet of multicoloured roses by courier.

Colourful rug


Send a bouquet of orchids and roses - Salsa
Save 8.00лв.


99.50лв. 107.50лв.

Send a bouquet of white lilies and red roses.
Save 8.00лв.

Passionate odyssey

87.00лв. 95.00лв.

Flower delivery - send a bouquet of roses - Colourful surprise

Colourful surprise


Send a bouquet of chrysanthemums and eustoma - Diamond



An order and flower delovery - a bouquet of tender eustomas

Purple haze


An online order and flower delivery - a heart of pink roses
Save 5.00лв.

You're my Everything

123.00лв. 128.00лв.

An order and flower delivery - romantic bouquet of roses
Save 5.00лв.

Hand in Hand Together

59.50лв. 64.50лв.

Online order and flower delivery by courier. Send a bouquet - Exotic night.
Save 3.00лв.

Exotic night

53.00лв. 56.00лв.

Send  bouquet of roses - Cheer up
Save 2.00лв.

Cheer up

58.00лв. 60.00лв.

Online order and flower delivery
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Island for two people in love

66.00лв. 71.00лв.

Send a bouquet of pink flowers by courier
Save 4.00лв.


50.00лв. 54.00лв.

Flower delivery - flower bouquets for people in love.

In love


Flower delivery - a bouquet of roses and lilies - Kasablanca
Save 8.00лв.


134.00лв. 142.00лв.

Online order and delivery of romantic heart of red roses.

A moment of fairy tale


An order and flower delivery - white lilies by courier

White lilies stems


Flower heart of white and red roses
Save 8.00лв.

True love

145.00лв. 153.00лв.

A bouquet of lilies - The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden


Send a bouquet of pink flowers and roses to Plovdiv.

Tender proposal


Sens a romantic bouquet of 15 red roses
Save 3.00лв.

Romantic proposal

86.00лв. 89.00лв.

Send a bouquet of various pink flowers.
Save 3.00лв.

Sweet Odyssey

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Spring bouquet of colourful tulips.

Spring of mine


An online order and a delivery of roses in glass cube

Bunch of tenderness


Send a bouquet of three red roses by courier

3 red roses


Send a bouquet of roses and lilies.
Save 4.00лв.


78.00лв. 82.00лв.

Send a bouquet of 3 red roses

Bouquet of 3 red roses


Send a bouquet of roses and alstroemerias by courier.

Sunny smile